Three common questions people ask property lawyers

We spoke with Legal Practitioner Director, Paul D’Angelo, to answer the three most common questions people ask him.

1. What is the cost of a settlement? 

A scale rate for settlement costs are set by the Settlement Agents Supervisory Board (WA regulated).  We offer our clients a 40% discount on the scale rates. For a discount voucher on settlements, click here.

2. What is the settlement process?

With regards to property settlements, there is a set process that needs to be followed. We ensure a smooth transition occurs between parties in a change of ownership of a property.

3. What outcome can I expect?

The change of property ownership can be quite stressful.  This is not the case for our clients. They can expect that their settlement will go through on time, without hassle and without penalty. The advantage of having your property settlement managed by us, is a qualified lawyer has control and supervision of your matter as opposed to a settlement agent. This means you have, at no additional charge, a qualified lawyer managing the settlement, who is experienced to deal with any legal issues or ramifications that may arise during the transaction.