The working law student

Sandra Raub is our part-time legal clerk and supports our property division. She is in her third year studying law and French at the University of Western Australia.

We asked Sandra (S) some questions about what life was like as a working law student.  

Q: How long have you worked at D’Angelo Legal?
S: About two years  

Q: What is it about law that you like? 
S: The law is about solving problems, and I really like that.   

Q: What area of law have you enjoyed studying and working in the most? 
S: I really like property law because it is straightforward and there is a clear process you have to go through, it’s not usually an opinion matter.  I’ve enjoyed studying constitutional law too and it’s interesting to see how societies are structured.   

Q: Do you enjoy working in a law firm? 
S: Most definitely. It’s got to be better than waitressing! It’s also humanised the prospect of a career as a lawyer. It’s a competitive environment at University and this firm isn’t about competitiveness – it’s about helping people and working together to get the best outcome for the client.  If I was studying law alone and not working here, I’m not sure I’d like law as much as I do.  

Q: What has stood out in your studies so far? 
S: In my first year, we did a mock trial as part of the Law Club.  It was the greatest experience of my life. We had to structure our own case in front of proper judge – it was a real life setting – we had to wear suits and everything.  I was able to draw on my debating skills from school. I enjoyed it immensely.  

Sandra will be featured on our blog each month to give us an insight to a working student’s life.