The working law student – part 2

Sandra Raub is our part-time legal clerk supporting our property division. She is in her third year studying law and French at the University of Western Australia.

We asked Sandra (S) some questions about what life is like as a working law student.

Q: What law units are you studying at University?
S: Trusts and Property 2.   

Q: What areas of law do you enjoy learning about? 
S:  Commercial law is my favourite because I think it is the most applicable – I enjoy it because I’m going to use it. I also like areas like human rights, more for ethical enjoyment. Criminal law would probably be my least favourite area because I have a bit of a weak stomach.  

Q: Have you had any recent results? 
S: Not yet, but I handed in two assignments in the last couple of weeks. One was a 1500 word assignment on testamentary trusts, or trusts in a will. We were given sections of a will that weren’t written properly, and we had to rewrite them.  The second assignment was relating to a property lease. We were given a scenario and the Residential Tenancy Act 1987 and had a limit of 800 words to provide advice based on the Act.  

Q: Have any of your recent studies been applicable to your role at D’Angelo Legal? 
S: Yes. I think everything you learn is applicable in one way or another. I’m anticipating the Trusts unit I’m studying will be very applicable. When I’m helping Kealeigh (Kealeigh Barker is a property solicitor at D’Angelo Legal), what I’ve learned in Property 1 and Property 2 has helped. Still, there’s nothing quite like working with an experienced professional to learn.  

Q:  Exams must be coming up, aren’t they? 
S: They are, in November. I only have two exams; there are no exams for French or French Literature, thankfully.  

Q: Students seem to have endless holidays. How are you spending your holidays after exams? 
S: I’m hoping I can increase my work hours at D’Angelo Legal leading up to the busy Christmas break. 

Thanks Sandra