Wills and Estates Law

Wills, enduring powers of attorney, and enduring powers of guardianship are estate planning documents most people have heard of, but estate planning often requires other documents to be considered.

Advanced Health Directives (living Wills), Testamentary Trust Wills, Mutual Wills Agreements or Disability Trust Wills may also have a place in your Estate Planning. By getting to know our clients, their families and the structure of their assets we can assist our clients in ensuring their post-death wishes are carried out as they intended.

When you are considering your Estate Planning needs you will meet with one of our team for an initial appointment. Often you may know what you require. You may think that your estate is fairly simple – but there are common traps that you may not have considered, such as stepchildren or a potential future spouse of their current spouse if they die first. Who will control monies for your children, how will your super be dealt with or what if your Will is invalidated?

We can also assist with Probate applications (where the deceased left a valid Will) or Letters of Administration applications (where there is no valid Will) and everything in between. We can assist you with contested estate matters either through the court system or you may wish to make a Family Provision Act claim or dispute the validity of a Will. We aim to make the process streamlined according to the Wills and Estates Law and reduce what may already be a stressful situation for you

Wills, Estates & Succession Planning