Family Law Solicitors in Perth

Our families are the closest thing to us. It is understandably life-changing when a marriage or de facto relationship ends.

Often, the circumstances of a Family Law matter bring about more questions than answers and, naturally, can be cause for a very emotional time in any person’s life.

We at D’Angelo Legal like to take a family and child-focused approach to this area of the law. We see the value in building strong, post-separation relationships and take pride in helping our clients reach practical and favourable agreements, wherever possible. This means a particular focus on negotiations and mediation, along with sound and honest legal advice. Should agreements not be possible, our family law solicitors in Perth can support you through the next necessary stages towards a final resolution of your matter.

Being a multi-disciplinary firm, clients are also able to benefit from the full suite of practice areas D’Angelo Legal offers, particularly when it comes to matters which might involve immigration, corporation and property issues.

The family law solicitors team at D’Angelo Legal in Perth are here to help you and your family navigate through these changes and to assist you as you consider the care arrangements for your children and the division of the property in your relationship. If you are interested in learning more, contact us to find out how you can speak with one of our Family Law team.